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Recipe for an Effective Social Media Post

Everyone wants to know how to bake the perfect social media post. In this short eBook, we share our time-tested, follower-approved recipe for crafting great social media posts.

So put on your social media hat, throw on your networking apron, and fire up the creative ovens.

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Is Social Media a Priority for your Practice Right Now? Here's a free Social Posting Checklist

Do you want to make your social media presence the best it can be?

Every great social media strategy requires a plan, but who has the time to write a long-winded planning document that requires updating every year?

Now you can plan each post strategically with this all-in-one checklist, the checklist that will help you cover all of your bases.

What's included in the Ultimate Social Media Checklist?

  • Post goals based on the buyer's journey and persona segmentation (via pain points and solutions sought).
  • Brand voice reminders, social media cheat sheet cards, an image check and last but not least, the essential post-post ritual.
  • Versatility. Use the sheet as a one time checklist or print it, laminate it and hang it by your desk for multiple uses. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Take hold of your social media posting strategy today with this time saving posting tool.

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"Ripple Effect" Marketing - 4 Quick Ways to Build Your Online Reputation

You want to use the web to build your reputation and attract new patients, so why haven’t you?

Online marketing can seem daunting--you might not know where to begin or whether you need to hire professional help to manage it for you. Or, you might avoid online marketing because it seems like a black hole of your time and attention, both of which are limited resources.

Those perceptions simply aren’t valid! Read on for 4 quick and easy ways to build your online reputation and grow your business--ideas that require minimal effort on your part and offer lasting results.

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Listing Distribution - Building Your Online Presence
Having accurate business info matters!
  • Nearly 90% of consumers search online for business information before visiting a physical location
  • Inconsistent listing info makes you less attractive to Google and can mislead your potential clients!
Make your business easy to find in search and on the street. Our Listing Distribution service submits your business listing to the 4 major data providers, which are referenced by over 300 online listing directories like Yelp, yellowpages.com, and even car navigation system companies. Optimize your listings for 3 factors that impact local search rank: the number of online citations, the popularity of sources they appear on, and the accuracy and consistency of listing information.           Ready to take charge of your listings the fast and easy way? Call 866-661-7835 to learn more about how Listing Distribution can benefit your business! CALL NOW!
9 Medical Practice Video Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Engaging videos improve search rankings, attract new business, create stronger connections with existing clients (improving return rates), and build your credibility.

But the same can’t be said for boring, unprofessional, overly long, irrelevant, or awkward videos. When it comes to producing a video that showcases your medical practice, there are a lot of ways to go wrong!

DOWNLOAD NOW to learn what constitutes engaging video, the 9 Pitfalls to Avoid, and how to successfully create engaging video for your business and incorporate it into your online marketing strategy.

#101 - A VeinDirectory Course on How to Use the #Hashtag

Download a FREE copy of VeinDirectory's #101 Course Guide here; our treat! You'll learn how to utilize the #hashtag on different social media platforms. Happy Tweeting!

Top Five Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Medical Practice
A Marketing Strategy That's Good for Doctors and Patients

Healthcare Providers! Posting patient-focused content can attract a larger audience and drive your success. Unlike advertising, which focuses on the services you offer, content marketing focuses on helping the reader live a healthier life. Content marketing doesn’t take the hard-sales approach of traditional marketing that you see with advertising and direct mail. Instead, it provides a vehicle for sharing your knowledge and expertise in the digital marketplace in helpful and meaningful ways. Are you looking to grow your practice?

Download our latest white paper to learn how relevant content can reach and resonate with thousands more viewers than you reach via traditional marketing strategies.


Understanding the Patient Experience
Download & Start Measuring Your Patient's Perception

Do you know what your patient's really think about your practice?


This article provides you with a method for discovering the reality of how your patients experience your practice—a method that allows you to translate patient feedback into practical improvements that will keep your practice and your reputation going strong.


Download the whitepaper "Understanding the Patient Experience" to:


  • Discover the 3 sources of value each patient provides your practice, and how to enhance them
  • Learn what Ultimate Question you should be asking patients
  • Get the 4 Key Steps to implementing an effective patient survey


Download the whitepaper and Receive a FREE 3 Month Trial of our new patient survey feature!

3 Ways to Ignite Patient Communication

What is the single thing you could do to ignite communication with patients?

Build an engaging and accessible web presence.

Today's new era of patient-doctor communication is driven by interactive web content and accessibility. Patients want to visit your website and feel empowered to make informed decisions at their convenience.

Download "3 Ways to Ignite Patient Communication" and learn how to:

  • Increase patient-doctor communication
  • Build interactive web content
  • Maximize the lifetime value of your patients
Double Your Patient Conversions
The Importance of Inbound Phone Calls

After reviewing thousands of patient inquiries across the eDoctors platform, it is clear that the majority of prospective patients start with a phone call. Unfortunately we too often see that this initial experience with the doctor's office is not a positive one, with less than 20% of inquiries turning into actual bookings.

We've worked with numerous practices to undertake root cause analysis of low conversion rates and have found 3 simple errors that get repeated again and again. Upon identifying the reasons and working with front desk personnel we've seen conversion rates more than double.

Learn how to improve your front desk's ability to book a new patient. Download the paper now.

Top 5 Blunders of Reputation Management

The age of new media has changed the way you manage your online reputation. Thanks to the Internet, reputations can be made - and ruined - on the Web. Your patients are shaping your brand and affecting your bottom line more than ever. In today's new-media environment, people seeking medical services first conduct a search on Google, consult Google Maps, and check out user reviews on sites like Yelp and HealthGrades. Research shows that 7 out of 10 consumers trust online reviews.

eDoctors has worked with numerous practices and we've seen firsthand what can happen when a practice doesn't work proactively to cultivate a positive online reputation. This is important, because one negative review on the Internet can appear in multiple searches seen by thousands, rapidly casting a dark shadow on the reputation of your practice.

If your efforts at establishing a solid online reputation are to be effective, it's crucial that you manage it right.

Download our whitepaper to learn how your practice can build a lasting and positive Web presence by avoiding the Top 5 Blunders in Reputation Management.

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The Power of Patient Perception
Monitoring and Managing Your Practice's Reputation

Public perception is a powerful force that is increasingly influenced by reviews and recommendations generated on the Web. The power of this force has significant impact on new customers or patients as they are introduced to products, services and, yes, doctors’ offices.

As more and more people turn to the Web to research a doctor or service provider, the abundance and tone of other patients’ experiences with that provider directly affect which practice or provider they choose Perceptions that are generated on the Internet are a trend that can no longer be ignored. 

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Did you know? 90% of shoppers trust recommendations on social media, while only 14% trust ads.

Social media marketing is successful when you are constantly posting updates and having real-time interactions with your customers. But really, who has enough time for that?

To make things easier, we offer a tool that streamlines all of your social media marketing needs. Social Marketing helps you publish content, find real-time leads and interact with your online audience. Finally, you can build loyal followers (and revenue) without wasting valuable time.

Social Marketing makes it easy to:

  • Interact directly with new customers to expand your audience
  • Discover content and republish it to engage with your audience
  • Respond to clients on multiple social platforms from one place
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts from one easy-to-use location
  • Compose and post content to all of your social channels, as well as schedule content to publish at a later date


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