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7 Tips for Creating Great Video

Creating videos for your medical practice can seem a bit time consuming, or difficult to “do right,” and you might worry that it’s not worth it. Before you decide, though, consider these powerful reasons that video should be part of your marketing strategy:

  • Retention & Conversions: Most people only remember 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see. A video is a great marketing tool to convert viewers now and plant the seed to convert viewers later.
  • Audience: There are 100 Million Internet users who watch online video each day. With such a big audience, just imagine the number of potential clients or patients in your local market that are watching video.
  • SEO: Visitors who watch videos stay on a website an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos. In addition to increasing the likelihood of a conversion, video will decrease your bounce rate which can affect your SEO.


Video is a powerful tool, and can provide great opportunities to get your practice in front of the online audience. But bad video is just, well, bad, and can put your practice in a negative light. However, creating great videos for your practice is easy, especially if you follow our seven tips for great video, below.

1. Smile!

Smile because you enjoy what you do and you are excited to welcome new clients or patients. You want people to like you and your business. When you smile, you put people at ease. Also, most people look best when they smile – it brightens all your features.

2. Set Goals & Main Points

Planning ahead and practicing will help the video go smoothly. Decide what your goals are and what you will be covering in the video. Don’t script it! Keep your main points to bullet points so that you speak naturally. Don’t ramble in your video, stick to your main points.

3. Keep it at 1-2 Minutes

While people generally have an attention span of around 20 minutes, this is significantly reduced when it comes to online videos. Typically, viewers will only watch a video for a minute. While you may have a lot to share about your business, hit the high points and keep it brief. You don’t want viewers to miss the closing of your video.

4. Get to the Point Within the First 15 Seconds

Don’t create a long introduction. Get in. Say your main point. Get out. Well, mostly anyhow. Studies have shown that 20% of viewers click away from a video within the first 10 seconds, 30% of viewers click away by 30 seconds, 45% leave after the first minute, and almost 60% will leave the video after two minutes. While your video does not need to hit all the main points in the first 10 seconds, you need to hit the major highlight or draw viewers in. Otherwise, it won’t matter how great your video is because no one will be left watching.

5. Stage Properly

Sound, Lighting, Background are all important to shooting a video. Make sure the sound is clear and at a reasonable level. Lighting can make you appear as a shadow, make you look like a lightbulb, or can be just right. Bring in extra lighting as needed. Before you shoot, clean up the filming space. Make sure les are put away, pens aren’t laying out, and trash is not visible. You do not want viewers to be distracted by any of these elements.

6. Look Professional

This may seem like common sense, but on the day of the shoot you may forget and wear a t-shirt with writing on it or a button down with a busy pattern. Plan out a neutral, yet flattering, outt for the day of the shoot. Bring an extra shirt in case you accidentally end up “wearing” your lunch.

7. Be Yourself

Viewers are watching the video to get to know you and your business. Personalize the video and allow your personality to shine through, but still be professional. If people feel like they know you, they often trust you and want to come in and see you. Some people will watch the video, decide they don’t like you, and click away from your video. However, this is better than them coming in and not liking you in person. That’s often the cause of bad reviews.

For more help making great medical practice videos, contact us! We’d love to help you shine in the limelight.

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