5 Types of Engaging Social Media Posts for Healthcare Practices

When representing your healthcare practice online, it can be challenging to come up with content ideas that hit just the right note, right? All the most interesting content seems to have some element of sex, drugs, or rock and roll that makes it inappropriate to share on a professional business page. Most medical practices ere on the side of caution, sharing articles that are informative but have a tendency to be dry (and definitely have a slim chance of going “viral”).

If you want your business accounts to grow, you have to create and share content that engages your current and potential followers. We break down the five most engaging types of content, with suggestions on how healthcare practices can use them effectively.

1. Funny Photos & Memes

Social media users want to be entertained and the best way to do that is to make them laugh. Share or create a funny image with text or a popular meme that is relevant to your business. Imgur is a good online tool for building memes, and Meme Generator App (Android/iOS) is a free app that does it as well. Both services allow you to upload your own image or select a popular image to base your meme on.

2. Cool Videos

Did you know that global consumers watch over 200 billion videos online per month? A “cool
video” may seem subjective and will often vary depending on your audience. If your audience is active seniors, try posting a video about yoga or Tai Chi for beginners. As a healthcare provider, you can always fall back on sharing content that promotes a healthy lifestyle, for example, a video that tells viewers how to select fruits and vegetables at their optimal ripeness. The video should always be relevant to your audience and something they will want share.

3. Relevant Quotes

Inspiring or amusing quotes are highly shareable and likeable. Social media users enjoy motivational and thought-provoking posts, but most social media platforms favor posts that contain images rather than text-only. Consider superimposing the text of your quote onto an image or plain colored background, and posting it as an image, for better exposure.

4. Interactive Posts: Ask for Input

Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. People love to share their opinions, ideas, feedback, and experiences – especially on social media. Give them the chance to do what they love. Ask a question that invites more than a yes or no answer. Delve into what matters to your audience and what they are willing to share. This could be anything from “We’re considering expanding our office hours—should we stay open later at night, or open for a few hours on Saturdays?” to “Post-op patients: what advice would you give your pre-surgery self?”

5. Interesting, Inspirational, or Odd Stories

In addition to amusement, people enjoy amazement. Stories like “How a Hiker Lived for 30 Days in a Cave” or “10 Things that Lurk in Your Body” amaze and entertain followers. Often, if a follower reads and is amazed by a story, they cannot keep it to themselves – they must share it! Bam – the article you posted was just shared with that follower’s friends and now their friends are exposed to your business.

This sounds great, however, this category can be a little tricky for medical practices to share, because a lot of these kinds of pieces aren’t on topic or can make your business seem unprofessional. A good way to leverage a “story” type post while staying on-theme is to share success stories from your own patients. A strong testimonial paired with a good before-and-after image can be incredibly engaging and reflects well on your business. Win-win! (NOTE: Testimonials and before-and-after image images should only be shared at the patient’s written and verbal consent. Testimonials should also be closely reviewed to make sure they are within HIPAA compliancy and do not expose PHI.)

(Bonus!) 6. Become the Meme

This last idea is a little out-there, but one to consider if you’re feeling ready to step into the limelight. There are a number of extremely popular videos featuring professionals lip-syncing and dancing along to pop songs, having some unexpected fun. We definitely can’t promise your video will go viral like this police officer lip syncing to Taylor Swift (which now has over 40 million views!), but putting together something a little silly like this can give you and your staff a relatable vibe that helps potential patients feel comfortable with you before you’ve even met. Just make sure to do your filming after-hours, and keep the content family-friendly of course.


Regardless of what types of posts and content you use to engage your social media followers, the main thing you should keep in mind is this: know your audience. If you know the people you’re engaging with, you’ll be able to reach them in a way that’s meaningful, appropriate, and entertaining.

Want more marketing tips? For more on the latest marketing strategies for medical practices, contact us! We’d love to talk more about helping you get the most out of your marketing.

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