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eDoctors.com is an ALL-IN-ONE simple approach to your marketing needs. Your focus should be on your patients and not how to market your practice; but helping patients find you is vital to growing your business. eDoctors helps you meet patients where they already are: online. Our digital marketing platform delivers patient lead nurturing.








eDoctors web development makes building a beautifully designed, HIPAA compliant website simple and painless.

Our website package features:

  • Mobile responsive design that is attractive and easy to read on any device
  • Secure, worry-free HIPAA compliant patient communication
  • Streamlined website reporting that gives you high-level, actionable data
  • META keywords & descriptions for SEO
  • Built-in patient conversion tools like appointment request forms, prominent contact information, and more

eDoctors websites are designed to optimize visitor engagement and conversion for medical practices.  Partner with us to make building your modern, cutting-edge website easy.

Social Posting

Engage and grow your social media audience without the time commitment.

89% of small businesses find that social media helps them gain exposure and increase their web traffic, but 31% say they don’t know how to use social media effectively or “don’t know what to post.” Our Social Posting service helps you connect with your fanbase, find qualified leads and share relevant content across multiple social channels.

With weekly industry-centered posts provided on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, Social Posting is the easiest platform for medical practices to build social presence and find new leads.


Attract new patients with a profile listing on a leading eDoctors medical directory.

Patients browsing popular health websites in the eDoctors network are introduced to your practice through your profile listing in a relevant, integrated way. Geo-targeting technology displays your profle most prominently to potential patients in your local area. Your listing gives potential patients: your practice information, treatment information, before & after images, Q&A, video, a link to your website, and more. Your listing is promoted across multiple areas of the specialty-specific directory you are on, and may be broadcast out to other listing areas on related websites within the eDoctors network.

List your practice on one of the premier eDoctors directories to isntantly expand your online presence.

profile listing

Our Directories


People spend more time watching videos on their mobile phones during prime-time hours than any cable TV network. Video accounts for half of all internet traffic. Increase your brand awareness and engage online visitors with a custom video tour of your practice.

We build, edit, and code a professional video that’s ready to be viewed and shared. Our video commercial service allows you to take advantage of the highly engaging nature of video, without the hassle of tedious video shooting and editing.


Put your facility in front of the thousands of consumers who rely on us for top quality educational resources. Our experienced content editors create three premium articles featuring information gathered in a professional interview with you. Your articles are prominently featured on eDoctors.com sites, your profile listings, and can be promoted on social media channels. Reap the dynamic benefits of content marketing:

  • Reputation: position yourself as an authority in your field
  • Social: share high-quality, self promotional content with your followers
  • SEO: expand your online presence with professionally written articles featuring you


We do the legwork for you, ensuring your practice’s contact information is updated and accurate on over 300 search engine directories across the web.

It’s critical that your practice’s information is correct, or you could be driving potential patients right to your competitors. We work with four major listing data providers who send your practice information to sites like Google, Yelp, Apple Maps, and more, so we can offer medical practices a comprehensive listing syndication solution.


Expand your online presence by interacting with potential patients in a mutually beneficial way. Patients get expert advice, and you build your reputation by demonstrating your expertise, personality, and communication skills.

Patient’s questions are conveniently sent to your email, or are accessible via an online portal. Your answers are sent to the individual patients you address, published online, and promoted in multiple areas across the eDoctors network of medical directories. This enables you to make an impact as well as market yourself and your practice on the web. Patients using search engines or browsing the eDoctors network will find your contact information alongside your replies.

Find new patients using the Q&A feature by expanding your online presence and interacting with new patients


How people perceive a practice or service based on reviews and recommendations of other clients is a driving force in how well your practice will perform.

We’ve built a product that makes it easy for practices to survey their patient base, understand their experience, set up improvements plans and track how these improvements lead to happier patients over time. It’s a simple yet powerful tool for your office.

Reputation Management Features:

  • Immediate Feedback: Survey results are immediately added to the Client Portal reporting dashboard.
  • Actionable Reporting: Access to comprehensive reporting which includes patient demographics, trends and analytics with the ability to drill down to the individual patient level. Translate feedback into practical improvements.
  • Generate Positive Reviews: The survey format encourages patients who have positive experiences to leave recommendations that can be used to build reviews and testimonials.
  • Net Promoter Score: We’ve incorporated the industry’s best practice questions to help understand key aspects of the patient experience and enable the office to measure improvement over time.