Top 5 Blunders of Reputation Management


The age of new media has changed the way you manage your online reputation. Thanks to the Internet, reputations can be made – and ruined – on the Web. Your patients are shaping your brand and affecting your bottom line more than ever. In today’s new-media environment, people seeking medical services first conduct a search on Google, consult Google Maps, and check out user reviews on sites like Yelp and HealthGrades. Research shows that 7 out of 10 consumers trust online reviews.


eDoctors has worked with numerous practices and we’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a practice doesn’t work proactively to cultivate a positive online reputation. This is important, because one negative review on the Internet can appear in multiple searches seen by thousands, rapidly casting a dark shadow on the reputation of your practice.


If your efforts at establishing a solid online reputation are to be effective, it’s crucial that you manage it right.


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