Recipe for an Effective Social Media Post

Everyone wants to know how to bake the perfect social media post. In this short eBook, we share our time-tested, follower-approved recipe for crafting great social media posts.

So put on your social media hat, throw on your networking apron, and fire up the creative ovens.


Emily Marchetta on Email
Emily Marchetta
Marketing & Community Manager
Emily works in digital marketing and communication, specializing in SMB marketing strategy. She has done marketing since 2009, with roles in content management, writing, social media marketing, and project management. Currently she focuses on content marketing for the eDoctors network of brands, including,,, and, and collaborates on marketing projects for other properties in the Internet Brands Health Vertical, such as WebMD. Her freelance writings on marketing, community management, and lifestyle topics have been published online and in niche magazines and journals, such as VEIN Magazine.