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ABOUT At and VEIN Magazine, we seek to help you continue to grow as a practitioner and practice owner. We aim to provide educational content and resources; both professional and consumer, to help you grow your practice in this field of venous care. Our product suite of turn-key website solutions and lead generation tools are a simple and painless way to market and manage your vein practice. Learn more HERE.


ABOUT NormaTec: Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, a rehabilitation physician and PhD bioengineer, founded NormaTec after seeing an extraordinary need for effective treatment modalities for patients with circulation compromised by disease, surgery, radiation treatment, and trauma. As a physician, she wanted the best care for her patients; as an engineer, she determined that the existing compression devices on the market were insufficient to meet that need. To solve this problem, Dr. Jacobs developed and patented the NormaTec PCD (Pneumatic Compression Device) and its unique massage pattern, Sequential Pulse Technology. The NormaTec PCD was engineered to effectively treat chronic wounds, breast cancer lymphedema, circulatory complications from diabetes, and other serious medical conditions. Learn more HERE.

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